General Workshop Information

Scenic Aperture Photography WorkshopsScenic Aperture’s photography workshops provide individualized training and exciting opportunities to photograph North America’s most beautiful areas. We provide meaningful learning opportunities for photographers of every skill level. Workshops are lead by Frank Comisar, Scenic Aperture’s founder and an award winning photographer. Your creative juices and your passion for photography will soar as you experience the best of what nature has to offer with Frank and participants from all over the world.

Scenic Aperture’s workshops include both in-field and classroom instruction. There is a considerable amount of teaching during our workshops including lessons on how to shoot followed by practical time outdoors implementing those lessons. Generally, our in-field shoots take place at sunrise and sunset. Digital darkroom sessions are held during the middle part of the day when lighting conditions deteriorate. During these sessions, participants learn fundamentals of photography and digital post processing. These sessions include hands-on learning utilizing your own photographs, computers, and software.

Our Focus Is On You!

At Scenic Aperture, our focus is on YOU! We believe great nature photography is more about the photographer’s skills and creativity than cameras or lenses. Our photography workshops and photography tours are designed to help you develop the creative and technical skills for great nature photography. We start with the fundamentals. We show you how to take control of your camera. We teach you about composition and lighting. And finally, we show you how to finish, rather than fix, your photographs in the digital darkroom.  You will need a digital SLR, one lens, and a tripod. If you have more, bring it. Also, to get the most our of our time together, we suggest (but do not require) you bring a laptop loaded with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

Scenic Aperture Photography Workshops

Scenic Aperture’s photography workshops are both exhausting and exhilarating. Our days are long and we work hard to take advantage of our time together. We will push you to have fun, develop your creativity, and create beautiful images for which you can be proud.

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